Tim's Multi-Point Inspection

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Odometer: 157734

Test Drive

Customer's Concerns For Vehicle
Technician Note: Vehicle is not due for an oil change. Check vehicle for service needs
Photo Of Instrument Cluster Vehicle Idling and in Park (Neutral)
Photo Of Front and Drivers Side
Photo Of Rear and Passenger Side

Interior/ Exterior

Exterior Lights
Technician Note: Your exterior lights are all working at this time
Windshield Washer Sprayer/ Wiper Blades
Technician Note: Windshield wipers streak
Recommendation: Reccomend replacing windshield wipers
Emergency Brake Adjustment
Technician Note: Emergency brake is functioning as it should
Cabin Air Filter
Technician Note: Cabin air is slightly Dusty
Fuel Cap
Technician Note: Fuel cap gasket and torque device check good at this time
Spare Tire
Technician Note: Spare tire and spare tire pressure are in good condition at this time

Under Hood

Air Filter
Technician Note: Air Filter is Dirty K&N air filter recharge
Recommendation: K&N air filter recharge
Intake Cleaning
Technician Note: An intake cleaning has either never been done or has not been done in the last 3 years or 30000 miles
Recommendation: Run Solvent throgh intake. Clean throttle, throttle bore, intake runners, intake valves and combustion chamber.
Spark Plugs
Technician Note: Vehicle is not due for spark plugs
A/C Service
Technician Note: Our records do not show that your vehicle has had its air conditioning system serviced in the last 2 years. Please check your records to verify that this service has been done.
Recommendation: Recover refrigerant, evacuate and re charge air conditioning system. A propelry charged a/c system will extend the life of the compressor and ensure that the system is operationg as efficiently as possible.
Transmission Fluid
Technician Note: Transmission service has been done in the last 30,000 miles, fluid is clean.
Brake Fluid
Technician Note: Brake fluid has been flushed in the last 36 months or 30,000 miles. Fluid is clean and in good condition at this time.
Cooling System Conditon
Technician Note: Cooling system is in good condition.
Drive Belts
Technician Note: Belt (s) are in good condition at this time
Engine Mounts
Technician Note: Engine mounts are in good condition at this time
Perform Battery Test
Technician Note: Battery tested good.


Rotate Tires
Technician Note: Front tires are wearing quicker than rears
Recommendation: Rotate and ballance tires
Left Front Tire
Technician Note: 7/32 tread remaining on tire
Left Rear Tire
Technician Note: 8/32 tread remining on tire
Right Front Tire
Technician Note: 7/32 tread remaining on tire
Right Rear tire
Technician Note: 8/32 tread remaining on tire


Brake lines/ Hoses
Inspect Front Brakes
Technician Note: 6mm of friction is left on the front brake pads
Recommendation: Your front brakes are in good condition at this time but will need to be replaced in the near future. We will recheck vehicle's front brakes at your next service.
Inspect Rear Brakes
Technician Note: 8mm of friction is left on the rear brake pads or shoes

Under Vehicle

Shocks/ Struts
Technician Note: Front and rear shocks/ struts are in good condition at this time
Ball Joints
Technician Note: Upper and Lower ball joints are in good shape at this time
Inspect Exhaust System
Technician Note: Engine exhaust system is functioning properly
Engine Oil /Fluid Leaks
Technician Note: Engine is leak free at this time
Fuel Lines/ Connections
Technician Note: Fuel lines and connections are all in good working order
Drive Shaft/ Constant Velocity Shafts
Technician Note: Axle seal is seeping slightly
Steering linkage
Technician Note: Steering linkage is in good shape at this time
Report Prepared On 4/12/2018