Coopers Digital Vehicle Inspection

TACOMA, WA 98445
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Odometer: 139157

Today's Requests

OIL CHANGE SERVICE: **Full Synthetic** + Includes up to 5 quarts of full synthetic oil, canister style oil filter, and our complimentary visual inspection, fill washer fluid and grease fittings; plus check and top off all other fluids.
Digital Vehicle Inspection + Includes a visual inspection of all major vehicle systems and components.

Walk Around Inspection

Key & Keyfob Operation
Technician Note: The Key Fob/Alarm Remote is present and works normally
General Exterior Condition
Technician Note: The exterior of the vehicle is in good condition.
Dash Warning Lamps
Technician Note: The tire pressure monitor warning light is on.
Oil Change Due
Technician Note: According to the reminder sticker in the windshield, the oil change is due now
Technician Note: The windshield is in good condition with no visible cracks or chips
Wipers/Washers Operation
Technician Note: The wiper blades are worn & streaking which will cause poor visibility during wet/rainy conditions.
Recommendation: The wiper blades should be replaced soon. ....
Technician Note: The horn works normally when tested.

Test Drive Inspection

Exterior Lights
Technician Note: When tested, all the exterior lights functioned normally.
Noises or Vibration
Technician Note: During the initial test drive, heard NO abnormal sounds or noises.
Brake Operation
Technician Note: During the test drive, the brakes operated normally. ( I.E. normal pedal travel, and no noise, pulsation, grinding, etc.)
Emergency/Parking Brake
Technician Note: When tested, the emergency / parking brake works normally
Steering Wheel / Vehicle Pull
Technician Note: During the test drive, observed the vehicle drives straight and the steering wheel is centered.
Engine/Transmission Performance
Technician Note: On the test drive the engine runs normally & the transmission shifts normally

Under Hood Inspection

Engine Oil Condition on Arrival
Technician Note: The engine oil is full but very dirty. ***Oil is Being Changed Today***
Technician Note: The antifreeze/coolant is in good, clean, usable condition at this time. Testing reveals that the PH levels and Freeze Point Protection are all within manufactures specifications.
Brake fluid
Technician Note: Tested brake fluid with electronic tester/ test strip and found it to be marginal.
Recommendation: The brake fluid needs to be replaced today. ....
Power Steering Fluid
Technician Note: This vehicle utilizes computer controlled Electronic Power Steering. There is no power steering fluid or pump.
Fluid Condition Sample Tray
Windshield Washer Fluid
Technician Note: The windshield washer fluid was filled.
Technician Note: The accessory drive belt(s), pulley(s), and tensioner are all in good condition 1 belt system
Air filter
Technician Note: The air filter is only slightly dirty. It should be inspected at the next service interval.
Battery and Cables
Technician Note: The battery was tested and found to be WELL BELOW its CCA/Cold Cranking Amps rating. A BAD battery can cause undue stress on the other components in the charging system which can lead to premature their failure. Battery replacement is needed immediately!!
Recommendation: Battery replacement is needed today. ....
Tune-Up Components
Technician Note: All the visible ignition components appear to be in very good condition.
Hood Supports
Technician Note: The hood support struts function normally at this time.
Engine Cooling System
Technician Note: Visual inspection of the cooling system reveals no issues. The radiator, hoses, and waterpump appear to be in good working order.
Fluid Leaks (Under Hood)
Technician Note: There is no evidence of ANY major fluid leaks under the hood of your vehicle.

Mid-Rise Inspection

Front Brakes
Technician Note: The front brake linings are 8mm thick
Rear Brakes
Technician Note: The rear brake linings have 4mm remaining
Wheel Bearings
Technician Note: All wheel bearings are in good condition with no abnormal looseness or noise
Steering System
Technician Note: All components in the steering system are in great condition.
Suspension System
Technician Note: The front & rear suspension components are all in great condition. No repairs are needed at this time.
Shocks and Struts
Technician Note: The shocks and struts are still original.
Tire Inflation/Pressure
Technician Note: All tire pressures tested are set to manufacturer specifications at the time of inspection.
Tire Condition
Technician Note: All 4 tires are in good condition

Under Vehicle Inspection

Motor and Transmission Mounts
Technician Note: No visual signs of Motor or Transmission mount damage or degradation
Driveline / Axle / CV Shaft
Technician Note: The axles/driveshafts are all in good condition
Manual Transmission Fluid
Technician Note: Fluid is full and slightly discolored
Exhaust System
Technician Note: The exhaust system is in great shape.
Engine Oil Leaks
Technician Note: No major engine oil leaks observed under the vehicle
Transmission Leak
Technician Note: Minor transmission fluid leaks observed (weeping). Monitor fluid level and repair leaks if they get worse.
Coolant Leaks
Technician Note: Found no coolant leaks at time of inspection

Computer Systems Health Check

Diagnostic Trouble Codes (Powertrain)
Technician Note: No DTC Codes Present
Does The SES/Check Engine Light Work?
Technician Note: When tested, the CHECK ENGINE LIGHT illuminates properly
Report Prepared On 1/29/2020